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EghtesadOnline: The nuclear agreement signed with world powers in 2015 was not a mistake, although it has become a cause for tensions following the United States' withdrawal last year, Iran's top lawmaker said.

In an interview with NBC reporter, Lester Holt, on Tuesday, Ali Larijani added that the nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, was a deal for which major world powers held negotiations with Iran and reached conclusion. 

"It could have served as a basis for more important issues to be discussed in the future, including sustainable security in the region … but they [the US administration] ruined it," he said. 

Some have criticized the Iranian administration for trusting the US and signing the deal, according to Financial Tribune.

Washington reimposed sweeping sanctions and initiated a maximum pressure campaign against Iran after quitting the deal, which have troubled the country's economy and created risks of military confrontation between the two arch-foes. 

US President Donald Trump is pushing for new negotiations to reach a more comprehensive deal, but Iran has refused to enter any talks unless the sanctions are completely lifted and the US returns to the deal. 

Asked about reports of backchannel talks between Tehran and Washington, Larijani said he rejected such claims.  

"I don't confirm it; there is no backchannel communication." 

Some analysts have also claimed that Iran's strategy at present is to wait out US President Donald Trump who might not be reelected in the November 2020 election. 

Iran's Parliament speaker rejected the claim, stressing that Iran's approach would remain the same, regardless of what administration is in power in the US. 

"We have the same approach; we don't care about the 2020 [election] … We pursue long-term policies," he said. 

Iran has started a reciprocal plan by gradually reducing its compliance with the deal until its economic interests are upheld.

Larijani reiterated that Iran will continue to adapt its JCPOA commitment to that of the other parties. 


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