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FM: lifting sanctions not one and only goal of nuclear talks

Aug 11, 2016, 11:23 AM
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FM: lifting sanctions not one and only goal of nuclear talks

EghtesadOnline: Removal of sanctions was not one and only goal of nuclear negotiations, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday.

In a meeting with the Iranian journalists, he praised the role of people and guidelines set by the Leader, adding that they were the people who gave the negotiators power to engage in nuclear talks.

Zarif referred to the advantages and disadvantages of the nuclear deal for Iran and other sides of talks and said it was a deal and this is the nature of deals to give something in exchange for taking another, according to IRNA.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action removed pressures on Iran which have been imposed on the country to frustrate the country’s strategic power, he said.

The official said that Iran negotiated with the G5+1 to guarantee its national dignity.

The JCPOA helped recognition of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program by the world and helped preserving the nuclear, scientific and technical achievements, the foreign minister added.

He said that the JCPOA prevented shutdown of nuclear facilities and in the meantime led to cancelation of the UN Security Council resolutions against the Islamic Republic.

Zarif said that ending the unsubstantial claims against Iran’s peaceful nuclear program was another goal of nuclear talks.

He pointed to efforts done for relating the JCPOA to defensive and regional issues and said that the nuclear negotiators did their best to prevent relating the deal to defensive and regional affairs.

Without the nuclear deal and under sanctions, Iran’s oil export could be as low as 294000 bpd, Zarif said, adding that despite sabotages of certain states, the UN removed Iran from provisions of chapter seven.

Iran's top diplomat also said that the main problem of certain states is Iran reaching its full strategic capacity.

And that is why they are doing everything to stop Iran achieving this end, Zarif said. 

'We are too engaged with our internal issues that we have forgotten the fact that we are in the middle of a regional strategic game,' he warned.

They are busily trying to shape the public opinion in some Arab countries in the region and that is why we are witnessing the citizens of these Arab countries never stop tweeting against Iran, Zarif said. 

That is why they try to capitalize on every possibility to change the opportunities to threats.

No surprise if they have tried to unite themselves with Israel, Zarif said.

'If necessary they will even enter talks with the Satan himself, not to mention, they have for long been devoted to Israel,' he said.

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