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Leader Stresses Need to Promote National Unity

Feb 10, 2023, 8:29 PM
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Leader Stresses Need to Promote National Unity

EghtesadOnline: The obvious purpose of enemies is to bring the revolution to its knees by provoking dispute, the Leader said.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei underlined the fundamental need to promote national unity to foil enemy plots.

“National unity had an important role in the victory and progress of the [Islamic] revolution [in 1979] and is a strong barrier against the enemy which must be consolidated as much as possible today,” he said in a meeting with hundreds of Air Force staff and commanders on Wednesday, ahead of the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution on Feb. 11, Leader.ir reported.

He said the obvious purpose of enemies, particularly the United States, is to bring the revolution to its knees, and the reason is that the Islamic Republic has taken this important, strategic and profitable region out of their control.

“It has also raised the voice of independence and refusing to compromise, not as a political issue, but as a religious belief and faith,” he said.

Other countries may also seek independence from the US, but they may bend this policy through trade, dialogue, negotiations or even bribing certain influential figures, the Leader explained.

“But the Islamic Republic’s independence and refusal to give in stems from faith and … [is] non-tradable,” he said, adding that anyone who would abandon this belief would lose their qualification for employment in the Islamic Republic’s system.

Ayatollah Khamenei later pointed out that provoking dispute is the enemies’ strategy to defeat the Islamic Republic as it would shatter hopes in the future.

“Creating skepticism among political parties and organizations, as well as mistrust in people toward each other and the government are among the methods of Iran’s enemies,” he said.

To this end, sometimes they highlight the issue of women, and at other times the Shia and Sunni or generation gap, he noted.

“Although differences exist naturally, they should not become huge gaps.”

Spreading lies ad rumors is an important tactic to spark disputes, according to the Leader.

“When the enemy is targeting the national unity, we need to keep this unity and not allow then to achieve their wicked purpose.”

He called on all people to pay special attention to demonstrations on the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution’s victory as a symbol of national unity and trust.

“This year’s [anniversary] will hopefully be a display of people’s presence, pride, trust and national unity.”

He also called on the nation to send this message to the enemy that its efforts to ruin national unity has been foiled and they cannot separate people from each other and the government and make them skeptical, or provoke different groups of people to fight each other,” he said.

In addition, the Leader compared the army of the Islamic Revolution with that of the previous regime, saying it is an indication of the revolution’s power and capability for big works.

Today’s army is a symbol of independence and strength and is trusted and loved by the people, according to him.

“The army today is with the people, alongside them and a part of them.” He said.