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Co-hq, A modern Tehran CoWorking Space in Tehran؛

How a Co-Working Space is Shaping the New Era of Businesses?

Aug 14, 2023, 6:48 AM
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How a Co-Working Space is Shaping the New Era of Businesses?

One of the initial challenges for businesses is finding office space; the staggering costs of renting an office, equipping it, and hiring personnel often discourage many businesses from having a physical office. This eventually leads to reduced employee productivity and becomes a major barrier to fostering organizational culture and achieving business success.

The concept of co-working spaces first emerged in the early 2000s in the United States. The first co-working space was established in 2005 by a entrepreneur named Brad Neuberg, who aimed to provide a cost-effective and flexible solution for entrepreneurs, independent businesses, and freelancers to focus on their work without the distractions associated with managing an independent office.

Today, we have visited co-hq, one of the most well-equipped co-working spaces in Tehran, located in the prime business district of Valiasr Street, above Zafar Street, to see how the facilities of this environment can boost your business and allow you to invest your energy and saved costs into your business rather than office-related issues.

Having an Office in an Iconic Tower is no Longer a Dream

One of the first things that catches attention here is its prime location; a modern co-working environment situated on the 15th floor of Kian Tower, which is one of the prominent commercial towers in Tehran. Businesses renting office space in the “co hq” can use the location's address for their business purposes, creating a positive impression on clients and daily interactions. Upon entering this coworking space, you will encounter a modern reception desk and separate spaces for various services they offer.

From Dedicated Offices to Virtual Offices

Different businesses have varying needs based on their size and nature of operations. “Co hq” offers a range of services catering to these diverse needs and provides all necessary amenities in advance. Businesses can choose the service that suits them best and pay for it according to their requirements, eliminating unnecessary costs. This flexibility has garnered significant interest for the co-working spaces and turned “co hq” into a dynamic and flexible environment for business growth.

The services provided in this workspace include: Virtual Economy Office, Virtual Office, Hot Desks, Dedicated Desks, and Private Offices.

Virtual Office

Virtual Office: A Popular Solution for Small and Remote Businesses

One of the appealing and flexible services of “Co hq” is the Virtual Office service, available in two types: regular and economical. This service offers a dedicated phone line and a personal receptionist to handle business calls for each recipient. This service is a cost-effective solution for startups, freelancers, and remote workers who need administrative and professional support but don't require a fixed office space. With “co hq” service, businesses can use the physical space for up to 80 hours per month (three hours per day), utilize the internet and technical support, reserve meeting rooms, meet clients, enjoy complimentary tea and coffee, and even delegate package management to “co hq” personnel. The economical virtual office option provides a dedicated phone line and receptionist at a lower cost. While physical access to the co-working space is limited, you still have the option to pay a small fee for meeting room access.

The virtual office option is gaining popularity worldwide as it not only reduces costs significantly but also provides flexibility and agility for businesses. Businesses can experience the freedom of freelancing and remote work while having the support and security of a fixed office setup.

Shared and Dedicated Desks: A Flexible Choice

Another popular service at “co hq” is the Hot Desk service. In this service, businesses always have a desk in the shared co-working area. Hot Desks are not fixed; they change daily, allowing users to work from any available desk in the designated area. With the Dedicated Desk option, users reserve a specific desk for themselves and use it consistently. This option also provides 24/7 access to the assigned desk. These desks are placed alongside other businesses in a shared space and come with unlimited internet access, full technical and administrative support, access to office equipment, meeting room reservations, unlimited tea and coffee, and an official-professional business address. All you need is your laptop; your desk is ready with all necessary amenities.

Dedicated Office: For Larger Businesses

Co hq’s co-working environment is not limited to catering to small and medium-sized businesses. Larger enterprises can also benefit from the perks and services provided by co-working spaces, reducing their costs. Dedicated Offices offer a more private workspace in another section of co hq. This option provides businesses with private offices with their names on the door, along with access to shared amenities. Besides suitable workspace for multiple people, these offices provide 24/7 access for clients.

Modern Transformation Experience in the Heart of Tehran

Modern Transformation Experience in the Heart of Tehran

Co hq co-working space marks a significant shift in managing and establishing businesses. This space, located in one of the most modern areas of Tehran, offers valuable amenities to businesses, distancing them from traditional office management. Being in close proximity to other businesses provides opportunities for new collaborations and essential networking for future business endeavors. Co hq Tehran hosts monthly professional events to keep their clients updated, providing an occasion for all entrepreneurs present to get to know each other and leverage the networking opportunities.

Statistics show that businesses around the world are increasingly embracing co-working spaces. This workspace model not only offers cost savings but also fosters creativity and dynamism in businesses. To experience this modern environment, you can contact co hq directly, schedule a visit, and determine which of their services align best with your business needs.

Address: Valiasr Street, above Zafar Street, Kian Tower, 15th floor

Website: www.co-hq.ir

Contact Number: 02141406033