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Both jobless, inflation rates decreased: Iran VP

Aug 29, 2023, 8:39 PM
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Both jobless, inflation rates decreased: Iran VP

EghtesadOnline: Vice President for Executive Affairs Mohsen Mansouri said that not only the inflation rate has decreased but also the jobless rate in Iran has dropped to below 9% since President Raeisi's administration took office.

Mohsen Mansouri made the remarks during a simultaneous inauguration ceremony of 7,000 job-generating projects that was held through video conferencing across the country on Tuesday.

"One of the definite policies of the president, which he has always insisted on and so he will do in the future was solving economic problems, especially creating jobs. According to the Statistical Centre of Iran and monitoring systems of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare, more than one million jobs were created last year and the promises that were made during the elections were delivered," the Vice President for Executive Affairs said.

Meanwhile, he said that the many jobs that were created were the results of the efforts of the industrialists and manufacturers.

Mansouri also said that economic indexes further show an improvement in the economic situation while the jobless rate has reduced to below 9%.

He added that while the liquidity excess rate during the previous administration in Iran was 40%, it decreased to below 25%, helping the inflation rate to come under control.