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Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran Unveils In-Depth Website

Mar 13, 2018, 6:31 AM
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EghtesadOnline: The notion of Citizenship Rights Charter has been reiterated by President Hassan Rouhani in the past two years. It lists and explains 22 categories of the most rudimentary, while critical, rights of every Iranian citizen.

The initial version was drafted in 2013 but it took until December 2015 to be officially signed by the president and communicated to all Iranians via text messages. 

Afterwards, all affiliated organizations and entities were required to take measures to facilitate the realization of these rights in their respective areas. Protecting investors’ rights and providing orderly markets were considered indisputable examples of citizenship rights, according to Financial Tribune. 

Accordingly, the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran unveiled a new comprehensive version of its website (SEO.ir), featuring new links during the 15th meeting of Legal Coordination Council of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance with affiliated organizations on March 10, SENA reported. 

The new website presents all relevant services with a legal focus for the general public, which is accessible via SEO’s homepage. Visitors can find links to intraday market information, fundamentals of the listed companies, rules and regulations portal as well as capital market elementary to advanced training materials. 

On the legal side, there are links to Arbitration Board of SEO through which market participants can settle their disputes. The verdicts of the board are final and binding. 

Another link is for receiving and processing complaints from legal and natural persons against other parties, which are then perused by SEO in due course until it is finally decided upon, regardless of its kind, whether administrative or judicial. 

The market regulator is empowered to deal with offences, fraud and abuse directly while collecting related documents to violations and submitting all criminal cases to judicial authorities.

Then there is the newly-introduced portal called Dadshahr where every citizen can anonymously post whistle-blowing reports under 11 pre-defined categories, even against the SEO departments and staff. 

“Examples of citizenship rights have been included in the capital market since the Securities Market Act ratification in 2005, all of which are now embedded in the Dadshahr portal,” said Motahareh Moravej, director of IT Department at SEO, in an interview with SENA. 

“Visitors can upload relevant documents and information about violations and the identity of offenders. They can even decide to share their identity to receive follow-up calls from authorities.”

Moravej noted that prioritizing and assigning a period for each case to be followed up on, as well as reporting to relevant departments, are among the main features of the system.

The portal is reported to be the result of a comparative study of advanced markets like Germany, Malaysia and the US.