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Iran's Bushehr power plant produces 3.5 m mw/h

Oct 9, 2023, 10:03 AM
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Iran's Bushehr power plant produces 3.5 m mw/h

EghtesadOnline:Iran's Bushehr power plant has produced 3.5 million mw/h of nuclear electricity since March 21, 2023, Director of the facility has said.

Director of Bushehr nuclear plant Reza Banazadeh made the remarks on Monday on the occasion of the 10th year of operation of the facility.

He pointed out that the Iranian power plant has managed to produce 3.5 million mega-watt hours of nuclear electricity from the outset of the Iranian calendar year starting on March 21.

Refueling of Bushehr nuclear power plant reactor is compeletely carried out by domestic personnel, he underlined.

Increasing the power of the facility's reactor up to 104%, promoting the length of the fuel cycle up to 18 months, employing domestic and supporting companies in power plant activities and paving the way for recruiting and training are among the nest plans of this complex, he said.

Iran’s 1,000-megawatt Bushehr was built by Russia after years of delay and officially handed over in September 2013.

The Bushehr facility which sits 17 kilometers southeast of the city of Bushehr along the Persian Gulf coast in southwestern Iran produced a total of 60 billion kilowatt hours (kw/h) of electricity, including 7 billion kw/h last year. / MNA

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