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Iran highlights legal dimensions of Israeli war crimes

Nov 22, 2023, 9:53 PM
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Iran highlights legal dimensions of Israeli war crimes

The Iranian foreign ministry has published a fact sheet shedding light on the legal dimensions of the Israeli regime's war crimes in recent attacks on the Gaza Strip and other occupied territories of Palestine.

The fact sheet, which was released on Wednesday, emphasizes that the Israeli regime has committed crimes that are unprecedented in its 75 years of occupation, predominantly in its recent strikes on Gaza and other occupied territories of the Palestinian nation. Excerpts of the fact sheet are as follows:

The crimes comprise of attacking indiscriminately and deliberately civilians, particularly women and children; targeting journalists, aid workers, and other individuals supposed to be protected; hitting civilian properties such as hospitals, mosques, churches, schools, refugee camps, UN, and other international organization facilities, residential areas, and even ambulances.

Moreover, the Israeli military forces have entirely besieged the Gaza Strip and have prevented the delivery of water, food, fuel, electricity, and medical supplies into the area. Such acts are sheer violations of international law, human rights, and humanitarian law.

Indisputably, one of the main factors that motivates the occupying regime to embark on committing such crimes has its root in their impunity, because the Israeli regime is being emboldened when it experiences inaction of the international community.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry classified the Israeli regime’s crimes against Palestinians into nine categories: 1- Violation of the Palestinians’ right to self-determination, 2- Commitment of governments to stop recognizing the situation resulting from the occupation, 3- The need to observe humanitarian international rights in Gaza, 4- Rejecting the Israeli regime’s allegation of self-defense regarding attacks on Gaza, 5- Committing war crimes in occupied territories, 6- Crimes against humanity, 7- Genocide, 8- Illegitimacy of nuclear threats, 9- The possibility of international prosecution of crimes at international courts.

The Israeli regime launched its war on Gaza on October 7 following Hamas’ Operation Al-Aqsa Storm. The regime has conducted relentless airstrikes on the Palestinian territory, killing more than 14,500 people so far. Tens of thousands of others have been injured as well. / MEHR


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