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Development Plan Needs to Navigate Banking Reforms

Jul 10, 2023, 9:36 PM
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Development Plan Needs to Navigate Banking Reforms

EghtesadOnline: In the past years and under the conditions of unrestrained inflation, money trading has become a very desirable business, and precisely because of this, efforts to set up financial and credit institutions, whether with or without a license, have intensifi

The bill of the seventh five-year development plan, which is under review in the parliament, has paid attention to the issue of banking reforms in the second chapter titled "Reforming the Banking System and Curbing Inflation".

However, a close look at this chapter shows that the plan only intends to make limited changes in the banking system. Increasing the capital of banks to resolve the current imbalances, evaluating the assets of banks, identifying non-renewable assets and applying brief reforms in the banking network monitoring system are the most important issues raised by the bill, an economist Nasser Zakeri prefaced an article for the Persian daily Shargh with this note.