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Leader rebukes US for failure to respect JCPOA

Aug 2, 2016, 8:23 AM
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Leader rebukes US for failure to respect JCPOA

EghtesadOnline: Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Monday rebuked the US for failure to honor commitments to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, saying they had promised to lift sanctions all at once on the Implementation Day.

The Supreme Leader made the remarks in a meeting with several thousand people coming from different provinces.
People of Sistan- Baluchestan, Kerman, Lorestan, Kermanshah, Ardebil and West Azarbaijan provinces from all walks of life called on the Supreme Leader, reports IRNA.
The Supreme Leader encouraged the people to focus on the domestic capabilities to stimulate national economy and work for the welfare of the nation.
The Supreme Leader renewed Iranian complaint about procrastination of the US Department of Treasury to authorize the European banks to do business with Iran, saying that the way Washington dealt with the nuclear accord served as another example for the United States failure to keep promise in international relations.
Ayatollah Khamenei said that the US procrastination to implement the nuclear deal must be taken as an experience that Iranians must rely on their own domestic capacities and resources to achieve economic development and improve life standards of people.
The Supreme Leader made clear that the enemies of Iranian nation are used to creating difficulties for Iran in the region and the entire world and that the people must contemplate on utilization of their own capacities.
Presence of people from all walks of life from different provinces proved that the Iranian people irrespective to their languages, ethnicity and religions are united to introduce the Islamic Republic of Iran as an exemplary model in terms of spirituality and material life to world nations to invite other Muslim nations to stand against colonialist policies of the global arrogance, the Supreme Leader said. 
Lauding the breakthrough Iranians have made in scientific, political and social fields after triumph of the Islamic revolution, the Supreme Leader said Iranians who were dependent on US and Britain and treated as backwarded and humiliated, have turned into a mighty nation regarded as a rival for global powers in regional developments. 
There is no doubt that that turning to an exemplary model will be very time consuming approach requiring collective and restless efforts of the government as well as nation, the Supreme Leader said.
Sometimes, the enemies create obstacles on our path which should be removed through rationality and wisdom but under no circumstances Iran will rely on them, the Supreme Leader said. 
Iranian diplomats and all who were involved in nuclear talks with G5+1 admitted that the US broke its pledges and despite of the illusive wordings try to create obstacles and ruin economic ties between Iran and other countries, the Supreme Leader said. 
'It is for several years that I repeat that the Americans are not trustable but some resisted to accept this reality.' 
The Supreme Leader said that Iranian negotiators have communicated Iran's protest to the European states parties to JCPOA about the US failure to honor its commitments to JCPOA and Washington still continues to create difficulties with Iranian trade ties with the outside world. 
It was over six months after implementation of the JCPOA, the Supreme Leader said it was agreed that all unfair economic sanctions to be lifted at once in a way that the people feel its positive impacts. 
'About two years ago, we said the Iranian people would observe nuclear talks with the western countries as an experience to check whether the Americans will remain committed to their pledges but now it became clear that they still continue with masterminding plots and conspiracies despite of their pledges,' the Supreme Leader said. 
They invite us to negotiate with them in resolving regional developments but the experience gained during JCPOA indicated that it will be a grave mistake and look like a poisonous task and under no circumstances one can trust on US promises, the Supreme Leader said. 
The US minds to achieve everything and give nothing in return and negotiations with such government will be tantamount to deviation from right path, giving consecutive incentives and see in return the bullying and reneging on pledges and commitments, the Supreme Leader said.
The Supreme Leader advised the Iranian youth and intellectuals to mull policies to deal with the US plots.
Revealing direct contact between Saudi Arabia and Zionist regime was a dagger stabbed in the back of Islamic Ummah, the Supreme Leader said. 
The crimes and atrocities of the Saudi government aggression and bombardment on Yemen should be regarded as part of their crimes, the Supreme Leader said. 
Regretfully, even the United Nations failed to condemn these crimes under bribery, threats and pressure, Ayatollah Khamenei said. 
The UN secretary general should confess to these pressures but instead of confession, he should be sacked, but, he still remains in the office and continues with treason against humanity, the Supreme Leader said. 
The Supreme Leader expressed deep concern about military intervention of Saudi government in Bahrain under the US support as another example, saying that the Saudi government is currently run by unwise people but true analysis indicates that the US is meddling in all Saudi affairs. 
The Americans claim that they have formed coalition to fight with Takfiri terrorist groups but they do nothing in practice and according to some reports even supports them, the Supreme Leader said. 
These Takfiri groups have targeted their own supporters, the Supreme leaders said adding that we have a say in Persian 'every one who blows wind, will harvest storm'.
Countries in the region are able to resolve the issue and we underline that the US is not trustworthy and regards Arab states as an instrument to serve the interest of the Zionist regime and materialize the sinister goals of global arrogance. 
These goals should be indentified to be dealt with and the Iranian nation pursue the same path, the Supreme leader said. 
Since US plots have been revealed in the region, their policies are weakening day by day, said the Supreme Leader.
In Turkey military coup, there is a very strong accusation that it has been masterminded by the US and if to be proved, it will be another fiasco, the Supreme Leader said. 
The US is opponent to Islamic lifestyle and that is why they have orchestrated a coup to stop the Islamic government in Turkey, the Supreme Leader said. 
The military coup was suppressed and the American are nefarious in the eyes of Turkish people and Americans are weakening in Iraq, Syria and other states, Aytaollah Khamenei said.