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Rouhani Calls for Action to Consume Less Water

Dec 31, 2018, 3:29 PM
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Rouhani Calls for Action to Consume Less Water

EghtesdaOnline: Water and electricity are indispensible parts of security in today's world and explains why pragmatic approaches to minimize waste must be given top priority.

President Hassan Rouhani made the statement Monday during a visit to the National Grid Dispatching (NGD) department, a subsidiary of Iran Grid Management Company, in Tehran on Monday, IRNA reported.

"Water is indeed crucial for protecting livelihoods, human well-being and sustainable socioeconomic development," he said, noting that water and economic security are intertwined and if the former is in jeopardy the latter will be undermined.

Putting the nationwide water wastage rate at 30%, Rouhani said this high is not acceptable and called on the Energy Ministry to do all it can to promote efficient use of water and reduce waste and overconsumption, Financial Tribune reported.

"Judicious water consumption is a must for sustainable development," he stressed, noting that reducing waste of dwindling water resources across the national supply chain can help partially address the worsening crisis that is already taking a toll. 

With declining rainfall, persistent drought and dwindling water resources, Iran is facing a severe shortage of water for almost half century. 

It has been reported that the key agriculture sector is dysfunctional and the biggest consumer due to outdated farming practices seen as hugely water-intensive that are simply unsustainable. 


The key agriculture sector is dysfunctional and the biggest water consumer due to old and outdated farming practices seen as hugely water-intensive that are unsustainable to say the least


Official data show that more than 90% of water is used by farmers with a mere 30% efficiency that pales in comparison to the global average of 75%.



Undeniable Bond 


The link between water and security is undeniable. When fresh water is accessible and well managed, biodiversity can be sustained, economies flourish and industries grow. 

But when water is compromised, life breaks down and social unrest and conflict becomes inevitable. Failure to address such key issues puts people and nature at risk.

Pointing to Iran's critical water situation, Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian says, "In the past four decades, several factors, including high population growth and unregulated agriculture, have made a bad situation worse."

In a similar breath he adds, "Climate change and demographics" are also among the reasons that have created the new and dangerous challenges.

Energy experts including Ardakanian believe that both developed and developing nations are already facing water challenges. Poor water management coupled with the effects of extreme weather, growing populations and rising demand have put key river basins in the Middle East at risk.

NGD is responsible for preserving the stability and security of Iran’s national grid, ensuring continued supply of electricity to consumers. It also is in charge of ensuring optimal performance of the power grids through planning, monitoring and managing generation and transmission.