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Shipping container benefits

Nov 14, 2022, 10:24 AM
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Shipping container benefits

When it comes to moving your home or business property, the first thing to come to your mind would be professional movers or rental trucks, However this option has certain critical disadvantages that necessitate a better choice, using shipping containers. 

They Can be Used to Transport a Wide Range of Products

Shipping containers offer versatility in the type of materials they can be used to transport. They can be used for transporting both raw materials and finished goods. For example, non-perishable foods, refrigerated perishable goods, minerals, heavy equipment and machinery, retail products, etc. They can also be used for transporting hazardous goods and liquids such as hydrocarbons and chemicals.

They offer a large storage capacity for bulkier items while smaller items can be bundled up into smaller steel boxes then loaded into the larger container. Their shape and sizes optimize staking capacity on the various modes of transport. For instance, they can be double-stacked on trains or ships.


They Offer Transportation Versatility 

Shipping containers can be transported using different modes e.g. rail, road, or waterway. Since their design and labeling is ISO certified, they are suitable for transporting goods both within a country and across borders, over long or short distances.

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They Offer Lower Transportation Costs

Containers optimize cost by leveraging economies of scale, especially when transporting many items. Typically, the minimum weight per container is one tonne. Once packaged and loaded, all the items are considered single shipping. The shipping charges are per container rather than per item, which significantly lowers the total costs.

Easy Storage

Shipping containers are in themselves warehouses. They are made of excellent fabric that protects your items towards theft, harsh climatic conditions, and managing impacts. As such, you do now not require steeply-priced packaging fabric for your goods. Also, upon arrival at the destination, they do now not have to be saved in enclosed spaces.

Optimal Safety and Security

Once a container is locked, you can't open it till it arrives at the specific destination. This reduces the threat of theft or tampering. Since most are made from steel, it is tough to wreck into the transport container. Besides, they are outfitted with a robust locking mechanism, which prevents items from by chance spilling. Some delivery businesses deploy an Internet of Things (IoT) machine and a computerized machine on their containers for effortless tracking.

Numerous Logistics Companies to Work With

If you select to transport your accurate with transport containers, there are severa logistics and delivery businesses to work with in Canada and throughout the world. Research more than a few potential groups to set up their degree of professionalism and credibility. When checking their reviews, appear out for what clients bitch about in the essential reviews.

Then get their freight charge fees and evaluate them in opposition to different agencies to get the best. You don’t have to go for the lowest rate, alternatively a price that affords the best price for money. For instance, one delivery company’s quote may also be barely highly-priced however they supply insurance plan in their package.

All our containers have been inspected by way of licensed personnel at the depot as properly as our drivers who look into the container earlier than pick-up to make certain that the container fits the circumstance stated on Used Conex’s inspection sheet they have on hand. We additionally lower back up our clients with our 2-year leak-free guarantee and a 6-year structural assurance as properly as discounted container relocation offerings in case they’d want to relocate their container to a new domestic in the future. Read more