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Presidential aide hails Iran-Russia agreement on oil market

Dec 4, 2016, 10:10 AM
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EghtesadOnline: Telephone conversation between Iranian and Russian presidents a day before an OPEC meeting showed that agreement among big powers can cause major developments, senior official at presidential office Hamid Aboutalebi said on Thursday.

Aboutalebi, the deputy chief of staff of the presidential office for political affairs, made the remarks in a post in his official Twitter account. 

Referring to a major decision by the OPEC member states on Wednesday which was also supported by non-OPEC states to cut production level, Aboutalebi said Iran and Russia took a major step in the oil market with a fair agreement on the production level, which was pleased by other members, IRNA reported. 

Another breakthrough will be on settlement of regional developments as Iran and Russia are determined to stabilize the region, ranging from Iraq and Syria to Yemen, before it gets really too late, the official said. 

After a visit to Tehran by the Turkish foreign minister and security officials of the country, President Putin will also send a special envoy to Tehran soon which will be a major step in political-security cooperation in the region, he added. 

The third breakthrough has to take place in the area of politics and security of the Persian Gulf region which requires the wisdom of South Persian Gulf countries in a summit meeting next week, Aboutalebi said. 

The meeting can be the next step after an oil agreement, by accepting the principles of dialogue, bilateral diplomacy and dispatching delegations, the official added. 

'Such a realistic approach would be welcomed.'

After the OPEC meeting, if Saudi Arabia decides to stop killing Muslims, it can return to the path of a major understanding, Aboutalebi said.