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Gaza war live updates;

Israeli drone missile hits front gate of al-Shifa Hospital

Nov 4, 2023, 1:15 AM
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Israeli drone missile hits front gate of al-Shifa Hospital

Arab news sources on Friday evening reported that an Israeli drone missile hit in front of al-Shifa Hospital.

The Israeli regime has been waging a barbaric war against Gaza since October 7, when Hamas-led Palestinian Resistance groups launched their biggest operation against the Zionist regime in years. The sneak attack, dubbed Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, came in response to the regime’s intensified crimes against the Palestinian people.

The Israeli war has so far claimed the lives of thousands of Palestinians and left thousands of others wounded.

The United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly passed a resolution, calling for the implementation of an immediate "humanitarian truce" in Gaza. The Israeli regime has rejected all calls for a ceasefire, claiming it would benefit Hamas.

The following are the latest updates:

Israeli drone missile hits front gate of al-Shifa Hospital

A drone missile [hit] in front of al-Shifa Hospital. Of course, there are casualties from that strike, but we still don’t know the exact figure, Al Jazeera reported on Friday evening.

The al-Shifa Hospital has over 5,000 patients and tens of thousands of displaced people in the front and back yards.

It is the largest hospital in Gaza City and the Gaza Strip, but this is not the only attack.

In a press conference at al-Shifa Hospital, they said that they demand international protection for ambulances as they have been targeted on al-Rashid Street.

In the past few days, they were asking on air for the Red Cross to escort them on their trip to the Rafah crossing, but an ambulance was hit.

Hamas targets Tel Aviv with missiles

The Palestinian Resistance movement Hamas's Al-Qassam Brigades carried out a missile attack on Tel Aviv on Friday evening in response to the killing of civilians in Gaza by the Israeli regime.

Iraqi, Lebanese Resistance groups target occupied Palestine

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq announced on Friday that it had targeted the city of Eilat in occupied Palestine in support of the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah announced that it had targeted a gathering of the Israeli regime's forces. It added that the attack left certain casualties.

Gaza death toll rises to over 9,200

The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza says the death toll since October 7 has reached 9,227.

The ministry said 3,826 children and 2,405 women were among those killed in Israeli attacks.

More than 32,500 people have also been wounded in the same period.

Two Zionist forces injured in Hezbollah drone attack

Israeli regime's military spokesperson on Friday said that two of the regime's forces were injured following a drone attack carried out by the Lebanese Resistance movement Hezbollah on their camp in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms.

UN experts warn Palestinians face ‘risk of genocide’ amid constant Israeli bombardment

Israeli drone missile hits front gate of al-Shifa Hospital

A group of United Nations experts have warned time is running out to “prevent genocide and humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza, expressing their deep frustration with the Israeli regime’s refusal to halt plans to decimate the besieged Gaza Strip.

“We remain convinced that the Palestinian people are at grave risk of genocide,” the experts said. “The time for action is now. Israel’s allies also bear responsibility and must act now to prevent its disastrous course of action,” they said in a joint statement on Thursday.

Zionist forces kill several Palestinians across occupied WB

Israeli regime's forces have killed four Palestinians and wounded at least 12 others, according to medical sources, in an overnight raid on the Jenin refugee camp, which lasted for around nine hours.

In al-Fawwar refugee camp south of al-Khalil, Zionist forces killed two Palestinians and wounded at least five others, medical sources told Al Jazeera.

In the Qalandiya refugee camp by Ramallah, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian and wounded several others.

Another Palestinian has died of wounds he sustained on Wednesday during an Israeli regime's raid on Nablus.

At least 141 Palestinians have been killed in the occupied West Bank since October 7.

Protests worldwide calling for end to Israeli bombing of Gaza

UAE says risk of regional spillover is real

The United Arab Emirates’ minister of state for foreign affairs has warned that the regional temperature “is approaching a boiling point”.

The risk of regional spillover and further escalation is real, Al Jazeera quoted Noura al-Kaabi as saying a policy conference in Abu Dhabi.

“Every effort must be made to protect civilians and immediately put an end to this conflict,” al-Kaabi added. . MEHR


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