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7 bills to prevent blocked properties presented parliament

Nov 27, 2023, 10:48 PM
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7 bills to prevent blocked properties presented parliament

The legal deputy of the president about the follow-ups carried out to release Iran’s blocked properties said that seven bills have been submitted to the Parliament.

On Monday, Mohammad Dehghan in a press conference about the second national conference on the responsibility of implementing the constitution, said, "So far, 5 bills have been approved in the relevant commissions of the parliament and 2 bills have not been approved yet, so that we can declare our claims against some countries regarding the properties seized there."

The legal deputy of the president continued, "Initial measures were taken regarding Korea and the original amount that was deposited has been returned, but we have not received our right yet because Korea decreased Iran's value currency and we lost one billion dollars. So, we are waiting for the parliament provide the necessary permission.

Dehghan reminded, "Part of our funds in Bahrain, which were confiscated by previous governments, are being followed up and the bill is in the parliament."

The legal deputy of the president about Iran's complaints in the International Court of Justice noted, "We have 5 complaints in this court. One complaint is against the country and the other 4 cases are complaints that Iran has made against the US and Canada."

Dehghan added that Iran's complaint regarding some of the properties of the Central Bank led to a result and the judgment was issued in favor of the country in most of the clauses.

About the amount that the US should pay to the country, two years have been given for the two countries to reach a conclusion and the delegation joint, to carry out evaluations, he concluded. / MEHR

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