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Iran’s Tallest Dam to Be Built Using Chinese Financing

Feb 19, 2024, 1:29 PM
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Iran’s Tallest Dam to Be Built Using Chinese Financing

Iran’s tallest dam, the “Bakhtiari Dam”, will be constructed using Chinese finance.

EghtesadOnline: As high as 275 meters, Bakhtiari Dam will be the tallest dam in the country, with 2.7 billion cubic meters of storage capacity and 750-megawatt electricity generation capacity.

After a decade of hiatus, the important and infrastructural project of building the Dam in western part of the country will resume using the Chinese financing scheme.

The deputy CEO of Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company pointed to the status of the construction operation of the dam, and noted that it was introduced by the Central Bank of Iran to the Chinese financier and will be launched on the scheduled date.

 Mashallah Tabe Jama'at further pointed out that the company has thus far constructed tens of large national projects throughout the country.

The ground was broken for the construction operation of the Bakhtiari Dam, as the world’s tallest concrete-based dam, in 2013 with the participation of the then president.

The Bakhtiari Dam is an arch dam currently under construction on the Bakhtiari River within the Zagros Mountains on the border of Lorestan and Khuzestan Provinces, Iran. / Tasnim


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